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  • Report Consolidation

    Collect, Combine and Forward

    With Report Consolidation solution you are able securely to combine, maintain and forward reports entered by unlimited number of users.

    • Users can be inhouse or external users where ever in the globe as long as they have reporting credentials to Your reporting solution
    • Users need in addition only workstation with Excel and data connection

    Reports are collected to a Cloud Database (Microsoft Azure), from where consolidated report data can be securely accesses manually or by external applications based on access rights given.

  • Currency calculations

    • Using Currency Consolidation solution can Exchange Rates bew loaded directly to Excel sheet
    • Besides the daily rates also monthly rates are calculated
      • Monthly Average
      • Cumulative Monthly Average
      • End of Month
      • End of Year
    • Day rates starting from year 2000
    • Using Currency Consolidation the Exchange Rates can be retrieved in Excel
    • Using Data integration service can Exchange Rates be send to other systems daily or monthly
  • Machine Learning

    Learning Machine predicts future development

    • Forecasting solution is implemented case by case to supplements reporting solutions with forecasting function
    • Using past information Machine Learning systems finds and qualifies suitable drivers for making predictions
    • Drivers can then be constantly verified based on new data from report solution and external sources
    • New drivers can be tested and taken in use after first implementation

    Forecasting can be supplemented by using one or multiple default fields. By given different values for the defaults you can get multiple forecasts.

  • Data from external systems

    Data uploading from other systems to Report Consolidation database can be implemented by
    • using MaxConsolidation data integration services that
      • operates in Microsoft Azure cloud
      • will be configured case by case based on sending system and data content
    • using Excel to upload csv or Excel format data
    • transferring data using API-interface

Quick and feasible implementation and comprehensive solution

Analysis, planning, implementation and support

MaxConsolidation applications and solution platforms are easy to use and quickly to implement. You get most when you configure them to comply with your company's existing practices and processes. Excel is familiar tool for many, so the application and solutions will be quickly embraced.

MaxConsolidation offers to you assisting in:

  • Requirement and current state analysis
  • Solution planning
  • Solution implementation
  • Support

Services are provisioned effectively without extra costs based on fluent and complete implementation model:

  • Data integration form other systems
  • Set of existing solution specific formulas
  • In addition customer specific calculation, entry fields, dimensions, forms and report are quickly implemented with existing tools
  • Cloud (Saas/Microsoft Azure) implementation, including database, solutions and implementation and support services
  • You need only workstations with Excel in addition