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Comprehensive Excel-based Financial Reporting Solution

  • Multi user system including access right management and Microsoft authentication
  • Data saved in database located in Azure cloud
  • Date can be loaded to solution directly from Accounting Systems or by entering using Excel form or table
  • Defined dimensions enables different viewpoints, like
    • Revenues, profits and profitability by Organization, Customer, Project, Product Group
    • Drilling down to detailed Organization, Customer, Project, Product Group information
  • Targeted email notifications enables management of reporting processes
  • Reports and graphs can be generated with encompassing PivotTable, PowerPivot and/or Power BI tools


Remote reporting using one or multiple Excel-forms


Reporting and DashBoards in Excel, PowerPivot, PowerGraph and/or Power BI.

Aggregates reported data

  • Content of Report and Form entries are entered in Excel and saved in database, that ensures the consistency of entries
  • Report configurations are also saved in database
  • Access right control ensures that users can save only entries that they are entitled to
  • Database also has "Audit trail" -log, where all modifications are registered (user, time and modifications made)

Reporting process

  • Status-info of the entry is included when entry is saved
  • Solution will send email-notification, when status of a entry has been changed
  • Emails are directed only to the users that need to be informed. F ex. entry that has been changed to "Ready"-status will generate email-notice to approver

Filtering and drill-down

  • You can include as many dimensions to the reports as needed like organizatio, project, customer, product group etc.
  • You can drill-down and filter reports based on any dimension values down to the individual entries
  • in addition to entry fields you can include calculation fields to reports and forms where Excel-forms and database data can be utilized