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Solution for Reporting

Collect, Combine and Forward

With Report Consolidation solution you are able securely to combine, maintain and forward reports entered by unlimited number of users.

  • Users can be inhouse or external users where ever in the globe as long as they have reporting credentials to Your reporting solution
  • Users need in addition only workstation with Excel and data connection

Reports are collected to a Cloud Database (Microsoft Azure), from where consolidated report data can be securely accesses manually or by external applications based on access rights given.

Pre-configured solutions

  • Financial Reporting and Consolidation
  • Remote Reporting

Fields and Dimensions

  • Content of reports and forms are defined in Excel but are saved in database, that guarantees the consistency
  • Also reports configured my users are saved in the database
  • Access rights are controlled, so users can see and report only data their have right to access
  • Audit trail of the database registers all modifications made (user, time and modification made)

Forms and Reports

  • When entries are modified and saved, the status-info of the entry is also saved
  • Solution automatically sends email when that status-info is changed
  • Emails are directed to to users based on the entry info and modifications made. F ex. entry that has been set to be "Ready" generates email to approver of that entry

Access Right Management

  • You can add as many dimensions as needed like organization, Project, Customer, Product etc.
  • You can filter and drill down using dimension values all the way down to individual entries
  • You can add calculation fields in addition to the entry fields to be used in reports
  • You can use Excel functions and database data in Calculation fields