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Excel based Leasing-asset management solution

  • Excel as a front-end
  • Leasing contract data will either be loaded from other system and/or entered manually in Excel
  • Periodical payments, expenses, interests and amortizations are calculated based on contract data and explicit or implicit changes made to contract terms
  • You can follow and predict effects of potential future changes in forehand
  • Multi-user solution including access right management and Microsoft authentication
  • Data is saved in central database located in Microsoft Azure cloud
  • You can produce parallel reports complying with different accounting standards: IFRS 16, GAAP and other local standards
  • Targeted email notifications enables management of reporting processes
  • Reports and graphs can be generated with encompassing PivotTable, PowerPivot and/or Power BI tools


Remote reporting using one or multiple Excel-forms


Reporting and DashBoards in Excel, PowerPivot, PowerGraph and/or Power BI.

Day level calculations

The effect of any explicit or implicit contract change will be calculated in day-level (interest and amortizations etc.)

  • Changes are made directly to the contract Excel-form and the terms will be updated from the day entered in form
  • All previous contract terms are still maintained, and they are used in calculation of interest, amortizations etc. before the change

Monthly reporting

  • Solution aggregates monthly payments, amortizations, interests and other expenses
  • You can drill-down and filter reports based on any dimension values down to the individual entries
  • Besides the current and previous months reports, you can get also forecast of the future based on current contract data and optional predicted future contract changes

IFRS 16 and other accounting standards

Produces monthly reports that comply with IFRS 16

You can also generate reports that comply with other accounting standards.